I have received many forms in @samridhidance ‘s online training programmes with similar answers in the section “Why do you want to learn Bharathanatyam?”

The assumption that there is a certain “finish line” that qualifies for you to be a Bharathanatyam dancer does not exist out in the open. The laws of how you graduate out of a school/college are much different than learning an art form because art is not only about talent and capabilities but being LIMITLESS and EXPRESSIVE.

The foundation of learning a performing art form is understanding that this has a lot to do with the process than about qualifying credentials because the quality and commitment to art is not something that is measurable.

It takes years of dedication, it takes at least 10 years to be an average dancer and to understand the nuances of what it means to be a dancer. Learning Bharathanatyam does not end in learning from the Adavus till the Margam(Repertoire).
As much as there is a scheme to learn, the bigger picture is only about how you use it to refine yourself. Arangetram in itself is considered only as a beginning to be able to be a performer.
There is no pedestal waiting that will make you cross some finish line in order for you to qualify.

The important thing is “You’re Trying” and that’s all about it.
Let learning be a process and rather than thinking about what you can do with art, allow art to do you, to make you more aware, authentic and agile.