The statement is quite self explanatory, as most classical dancers acknowledge and understand that “Not every part of learning an art form becomes about the skill of movement”.

This is where classical dance is essentially different from other forms of dances because it encompasses a variety of aspects not just the physicality of movements. Movement is primary. Movement is a form of expression,like speech. But it takes research to be able to present it distinctly. Like they say “Method in Madness”, even in improv there is a format of application. The history of an art form like Bharathanatyam is beyond complex and it is important to acknowledge that not every part of learning is “PERFORMATIVE”. Bharathanatyam being reduced to nothing but a movement skill defeats the purpose of the art form with thousands of years old literature and ethos. Time and again we can see that this Industry is focused on creating more and more performers than educators and people with meaningful vision to contribute and change the narrative of this dysfunction. There is also a repetitive pattern in creating work which is familiar and esoteric where the target audience are also sectarian. Collectively,there should be a responsibility around addressing the root of the issue, whether your art is aimed to atleast remotely serve a larger purpose in civilization by cultivating democratic spaces for learners carry forward the glorious lineage. Commercial viability around just learning movement to showcase will eventually become saturated and non fascinating. Learners reading this, THINK. What are your thoughts? Comment them below.